The Aeroblade is a sword-like melee weapon in the arsenal of Xero.


Primary FunctionEdit

Although it heavily resembles a longsword, the Aeroblade is in fact a machine more similar to a turbine: by using the built-in air processor inside of its frame, it can cut like any sword using the pressure of the sheathing and unsheathing of the blade.

Xero can also slice the air, and a wave of very sharp air comes out of the sword in the direction it was sliced in for up to 50 meters. The cutting power of the weapon is strong enough to tear an human clad in armor to shreds.

Secondary FunctionEdit

The weapon can be overcharged for a second, allowing the user to greatly increase his sight and spatial perfection. This enables the user to deal with several targets simultaneously at tremendous speed. Xero uses this ability to eliminate a numerous group of enemies.

Unlocking the weapon enables the suit's user to reach mach 3 speed.


Xionic Madness 3Edit

Xero kills Spartan

Xero employs the Aeroblade to kill a Spartan

Xero uses this weapon to fend of several soldiers on his way to the rendez-vouz point. Xero is able to easily fend off both Vorpal Soldiers and Spartan Soldiers, as well as regular troops. At one point, a multitude of troops and attacks are about to reach him, but Xero employs the secondary function of the weapon, eliminating them. In the end, all those soldiers are unable to stop Xero and all of them are swiftly eliminated. There, he also uses to fight his clone.

Xionic Madness 4Edit

Xero uses Aeroblade and Red Fang

Xero decides to use both the Aeroblade and the Red Fang

Xero uses it upon breaking through a building, eliminating a few zombies inside. After reuniting with Omicron Squad, Xero decides to wield it in conjunction with Red Fang in order to to confront the zombie horde. This combination proves to be very effective at dealing with the zombies. After a giant zombie grabs him, Xero decides to use the sheathing ability to free himself from his grip. He then proceeds to use this weapon in order to weaken its hard skin, so that the arrows of Light Arrow could pierce it, and Red Fang could give the final blow.


Trivia Edit

  • The weapon's distinct ability to strike from a distance with the drawing of the sheath closely resembles the sword "Yamato" used in the "Devil May Cry" franchise.