The Ballistica is one of Omega's main weapons. This weapon is seen throughout Xionic Madness 3, during the battle of between Kary, Xero, and Omega in Xionic Madness 4 before they are transformed into Gauntlets, an upgraded version of the Ballistica that doesn't need to be held to be used.

This mixture between a handgun and a sub machinegun, or SMG, weighs about 15 kilograms and fires 5.56 mm Super heated Rounds. A single magazine holds 270 compressed bullets while the gun itself fires at a rate of 2,000 shots per minute. This weapon fires a 3 round burst of 3 bullets each using all of its cannons, making it 9 bullets fired by each shot.


  • Xionic Madness 3
  • Xionic Madness 4-1
  • Xionic Madness 4-2

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon is very similar to the Plasma Cutter, one of the main weapons of the video game saga Dead Space.