Bio Int. Security Guards are normal security guards employed the BIO INT Organization. They only appear in Xionic Madness 1, where they are effortlessly cut down by Bolverk Squad.


Bio Int. Security Guards are regular human beings with no apparent upgrades or modifications. Their uniform consists of a white t-shirt covered by a dark blue coat. They have grey boots and blue grip gloves with exposed fingers. Security guards also wear a white and dark blue cap with the BIO INT logo.


Xionic Madness 1Edit

Guards engage Omega

Two Security Guards about to engage Omega in melee combat

Security Guards appear for the first time at the entrance of the BIO INT investigation centre. Kary approaches one of them, who asks her how can he help her. In response, Kary kills him, while Omega and Xero kill another two security guards.

The deaths of the guards triggers the security alarm, and a rather huge group of Security Guards assaults Bolverk Squad. The group of security guards tries to reduce them in melee combat, but all members of the Squad manage to dispatch the guards easily.

After the team cuts the guard's communication and break inside the building, security guards are no longer deployed against them; Instead, more dangerous types of combatants (both human and non-human) are sent against them.


Bio Int. Security Guards are the lowest end of the fighting force of BIO INT. Security guards are not as capable as other units, and rely on their numerical superiority in order to overpower their enemies.

The fact that BIO INT still makes use of them to guard low priority areas proves that they are not completely useless; Still, they were easily overpowered by the Bolverk Squad.


  • Energy baton: Security guards are armed with an energy baton that they use for melee combat. Its hilt is composed of metal, while the tube is made of some type of energy. Security Guards are not very proficient with them, so there is no evidence about how lethal these batons are; However, Omega managed to pierce a guard with his own baton, proving that, with enough strength, they can puncture human flesh.