Kary's glove as seen in weapons bio.

My core is even designed to recharge when I kill somebody!

-Kary 08, Xionic madness 4 Part 1

Kary's gloves are the primary attack method adopted by Kary 08.


More of a prototype device than a weapon.

This glove allowed Kary-08 to gather it's target's bio-electricity and turn it into energy at her disposal. This feature, however, was built-in into Kary-08 once Bolverk Squad came back from XV's termination, deeming this weapon obsolete.

Xionic Madness 1 Edit

Kary first used the claws on her gloves to kill a receptionist during the first few minute of the first movie. She also did a special attack when Askad killed himself with the loner, where she did thousands of green energy bolts at once, demonstrating the power she could muster. She was however rendered incapacitated, and needed charging by the building's core.

Xionic Madness 1.5 Edit

Kary was imbued with power by finding Askad's glasses, and went outside to handle the approaching forces. She demonstrated some new abilities, including a necrotic shield, and telekinesis.

Xionic madness II Edit

She is mostly inactive in this iteration, only being seen at the end of the short film.

Xionic Madness III Edit

She was still using her upgrades, the gloves now integrated into her body. She somehow made a clone of herself to fool Xero and Omega into thinking she was dead.

Xionic Madness IV (Parts I II and III) Edit

She demonstrates some new powers, such as launching larger energy bolts, summoning the dead, and kicking inhumanly quick. She also finds out the "upgrade" Askad gave her was actually an inhibitor, so she breaks it, and puts on a mask which increases her power, also allowing her to demonstrate the ability to create a huge whirlwind, and move giant buildings.