Version 1

Joy is Omega's signature weapon. Some variant of Joy has appeared in every flash thus far in the Xionic Madness Series.

In general, it is a powerful handgun designed for use by a cyborg or robot. The weapon's recoil is too great for a human to use it properly.


Version 1Edit

The first version of Joy to appear in the series is a handgun that fires .65 caliber rounds. The weapons section states that it was named after a computer virus that Omega's system contracted early in his development. Later souces say that the magazine holds 12 rounds.

Version 2Edit

The second version debuted in Xionic Madness 1.5. It is roughly identical to version 1, although the weapons section of part 4 lists it as a separate item. Besides a slight lengthening of the barrel, it has a slightly changed color scheme and an increased magazine size of 16. It is also apparently designed to be used as a tonfa to close quarters combat as seen Omega's fight against XV. It is also not a single handgun, but two in fact.

For some reason, Xionic Madness part 2 lists the weapon as using .50 caliber rounds. All other sources disagree and say that, like version 1, version 2 fires .65 caliber rounds.


Version 2 apparently became unusable after he defeated XV (possibly due to the alien's link with his DNA,being damaged beyond repair and it will may cause something bad to him if he kept it), so Omega requested that its replacement be designed in the shape of a revolver. It fires .50 caliber rounds, although it fires two at once due to being double-barreled. The 12 round capacity of the handgun therefore effectively gives it 6 shots.

Trivia Edit

The Joy Colt is an obvious callback to the action game Devil May Cry 4, as it is a double barreled magnum that is able to fire both shots almost simultaneously.