"The leader of leaders, he is the one who pulls the strings, yet prefers to remain in the shadows as the good puppeter he is." - The Overseer's bio in Xionic Madness 3.

The Overseer is the head of the shady MBORF company, who directs things from a command shuttle. He had many different troops at his disposal, including the Bolverk Squad before he decided to replace the two remaining cyborgs with robotic versions of themselves.

Xionic Madness 3's bio section described him as "ruthless and cold-minded." It also hints that the scar on his face and his vocal handicap may have both been caused by Omega.

History Edit

Xionic Madness 2Edit

A voice which is apparently the Overseer's instructs Kary to complete the mission by finishing off the 'last two of the three objectives' in the end of the film.

Xionic Madness 3Edit

The Overseer briefly appears in his command shuttle, directing heavier troops to engage Omega and Xero after the two successfully steal suits of cervical armor. Kary-08 requests to be sent in, but the Overseer orders her to stay back, stating that they will crush Omega and Xero with the new prototypes.

Once the two cyborgs make it to the train station and finish off the rest of the MBORF soldiers, the Overseer sends in the two Bolverk robots. Despite the robots having the upper hand at first, Omega and Xero manage to defeat them using their Longinus Knives.

Xionic Madness 4Edit

Overseer XM4

The Overseer in Xionic Madness 4.

From his shuttle, the Overseer commands Kary to destroy Omega and Xero. However, Kary betrays him, revealing her growing hatred for humans and a plan to terminate everything and live forever. She destroys his shuttle with a blast of energy and presumably kills him with the blast or the shuttle's subsequent crash.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Because he has never seen engaging another in combat, whether he has any special ability or array of weapons remains unknown. However, he has an entire force of humanoid and robotic soldiers at his disposal. He is an outstanding tactician and leader. He is also an incredibly cold individual, throwing a large amount of troops and technology at both Xero and Omega to test the new weapons and armor they "stole" and using the combat data for the two automotons that were being developed to replace the cyborgs.

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