The Painkiller Stake is one of the weapons used by Askad during the events of Xionic Madness.


One of Askad's weapon of choice, and weighing in on about 2-4 kilograms, this explosive stake is designed to cause a large amount of damage in a compressed area. Remote detonated and tipped with a sharp spike, this weapon is meant to be inserted into an enemy, as the explosive contained inside the stake enters the victim's body after the insertion.

Another tactical advantage present in this weapon is the fact that the load can be detonated whenever the user sees appropriate.

This weapon is also a precursor to Weapon Warp-In technology, technology that Omega and Xero are seen using frequently throughout the series.


Xionic Madness 1Edit

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Askad stabs an infected being with his Painkiller Stake

This weapon makes its first and only appearance in Xionic Madness 1. The stake is used in the control center of the Bio Int. Facility when Askad uses it to dispatch an infected creature that had impaled him with its poisonous tail. Askad managed to materialize the stake in his hand, and lodged it in the eye of the creature. After the detonation, the resulting explosion was strong enough not only to kill the monster, but also to throw Askad across the room over serveral meters away, thus proving its destructive power.