The Red Fang is a melee weapon used by Xero during the events of Xionic Madness 4.


Primary FunctionEdit

The spiritual successor of the Red Hill, but resembling a two-handed axe instead. Once the user has drawn enough blood, it can generate a blade that's around 20 meters long using the iron of any target (or load the weapon with blood or any other replacement substance available before it's use). The shots, however, are limited to the amount of blood collected, so it's better to be wary about that.

Secondary FunctionEdit

Just like the Red Hill, by expanding a larger amount of blood, the Red Fang can create a shockwave which effectively disintegrates any target in the immediate area.


Xionic Madness 4Edit

In all three parts of Xionic Madness 4 Xero was using this weapon throughout.