The Spartan Soldiers are soldiers of MBORF who carry shields impervious to damage. They are deployed during the events of Xionic Madness 3 in order to stop Omega and Xero after their escape.


Their uniforms are very similar of Vorpal Soldiers, except theirs are red. They have the same black boots and the same black mouth piece. Their goggles are also red instead of green.

One of the few differences between them is that the gloves of the Spartan Soldiers do cover their fingers.


Xionic Madness 3Edit

After Omega and Xero manage to escape and steal two Cervical Armors, regular infantry proves to be insufficient. As a consequence, MBORF decides to deploy more advanced units, Spartan Soldiers being one of them.

Spartan soldiers attack Omega in the metro station for the first time. They use their shields in order to cover several Rank 3 Soldiers while they shoot Omega.
Xero vs Spartan Soldier

Xero prepares to slay a Spartan Soldier

Although their shields appear to be impervious to damage, Omega manages to overpower them with his Armadillo. Once the formation is broken, Omega is able to take them down easily one by one.

Xero is also assaulted by some of them in the park. However, they prove to be inefficient to deal with the cyborg, as his incredible speed makes him too fast for any MBORF soldier.

Xionic Madness 4Edit

Spartan Soldiers are one of the soldiers reanimated by Kary-08 as Zombies with the intention of giving them a second change to kill Xero and Omega.


Spartan soldiers are one of the strongest soldiers under MBORF's control. They have several skills that separate them from common soldiers:

  • CQC Combat: Just like Vorpal Soldiers, Spartans are proficient melee combatants. However, unlike the aforementioned soldiers, they do not fight as an assault force. Instead, they posses a more "defensive" fighting style, as in, they are perfect for holding the line and protecting allied troops from enemy fire.


Spartans lack the teleportation devices used by Vorpal Soldiers, but they have equipment of their own.

  • Energy Sword:Spartans are armed with an one-handed energy sword. They were able to execute quick and precise blows with these weapons, but not remarkable enough to surpass a Cervical Armor.
  • Shield: Spartans are fitted with a unipersonal shield. This protection is big enough to cover a Spartan from head to toe, and the shield seems to have some kind of energy inside it. This shield is virtually indestructible, able to withstand almost any attack (the shields managed to withstand shots of Armadillo. However, these tools do not make them invincible, as the shield is useless against attacks that the users cannot withstand.


  • The name Spartan is a reference to the ancient Greek warriors of Sparta. The name might have been chosen because Spartan warriors were famous for the way they implemented shields in combat.
  • The energy of the Spartan's energy swords is very similar to the one used by Kareleinne-08 when fighting.