The Sticky Death is Askad's main weapon during the assault to the facility in Xionic Madness 1.


This plastic explosive holds enough strength to blow up walls, but it can also be used to dispatch enemies. It can either be set as a proximity mine, timed bomb, or manually detonated. As the name suggests, Sticky Deaths are adhesive enough to adhere to different surfaces. As a consequence, Askad has developed the skill to stick bombs into enemies while punching them.


Xionic Madness 1Edit

Skad kills guards

Skad sticks a Sticky Death to the face of a security guard

The Sticky Death explosives are employed for the first time during the first skirmish after the beginning of the elimination mission against BIO INT. Skad is seen using these explosives in close quarters combat against Bio Int. Security Guard. The explosives end up being extremely effective, as one single charge is able to eliminate several opponents. Skad can detonate them remotely without any apparent physical move, just a subtle glare on his goggles are an indicator of the detonation process.