The X. Project is a robot created under the apparent direction of the Overseer to replace the original cyborg Xero. It resembles Xero wearing his upgraded armor as seen in Xionic Madness 2, however it is capable of using all his weapons from part 3. It and its counterpart were destroyed shortly after their appearance in Xionic Madness 3.

It appears to be roughly identical in ability to the original Xero. It should be noted that when it fought Xero the two always had the same weapon out at the same time. This appears to be a result of battle data gathered earlier affecting the robot's tactical decision making.

Like the robotic Omega, it bleeds green synthetic fluid, rather than blood.

Xionic Madness 3Edit

The robot Xero appears at a train station and fights Omega and Xero alongside Omega's robotic double. It is destroyed when Xero stabs it with his own Longinus knife at the same time Omega does the same to his robotic duplicate.