XV is the main antagonist of the first few Xionic Madness films, appearing in the first three entries. Despite being killed, it manages to reincarnate by infected Omega and returns in Xionic Madness 4.

History Edit

Xionic MadnessEdit

He appeared to confront Omega as the rest of Bolverk Squad went to destroy the BIO INT facility. They both demonstrated different abilities, becoming more and more similar until Omega was able to kill XV by stabbing him with his Loner, resulting in him, exploding.

Xionic Madness 4Edit

Part 3Edit

XV makes his comeback from the grave in part three of the conclusion of the series, when Omega was killed by Kary in the last few minutes of the movie. Soon after, he seems to have been revived, then is revealed to be infected by the virus emitted by XV, he was likely infect during their fight. Xero reluctantly kills him, speaking the words "See you in hell." while Omega replies "We'll all be there waiting for you..."

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